Extinct and Endangered Animals

LumiNight is paying homage to extinct and endangered animals, both of which are infused with a rich history.

Extinct animals are animals that no longer exist do to either extreme environmental shifts (think dinosaurs and ice-age mammals). The most recent animal added to the list is the dodo, a flightless bird from that was endemic to areas along the Indian Ocean.

Endangered animals are species that are on the precipice of becoming extinct. Like extinct animals, the population of these animals are in jeopardy because of environmental shifts (climate change) and over-hunting. Mammals like the African elephant, leopard, and the bald are on the list and are currently benefiting from the Endangered Species Act, a federal bill that protects them from overhunting and other factors contributing to their low population.

LumiNight is raising awareness for endangered animals; as stewards of this Earth, we all have a role to play in protecting all living species. Learn more about endangered animals here.