Lights, Lanterns & Beyond
One World, A Million Lights


Journey through the magical lands of LumiNight and discover a world of illuminated wonder.

LumiNight ™ brings you One World, A Million Lights with a visual experience like no other!  Larger-than-life lanterns hand-crafted by Chinese artisans using traditional methods are accompanied by the latest in visual tech entertainment including LED, fiberoptics, and light projection. This walking safari will entertain, educate, and just maybe help return a glimmer of light back to Fabulous Las Vegas all the while providing a Covid-19 Safe, Fun, Exciting, and Family-Friendly Event!

Unleash your inner adventurer as you navigate the Lantern Maze to the Land of the Dinosaurs! Enjoy a romantic stroll through our Midnight Garden surrounded by thousands of glowing roses. Stare into the Infinity Zone, a swirling vortex of color and dimensions, if you dare. Delve deep into ocean life as you roam the Great Barrier Reef. See the story of Noah’s Ark come to life in dramatic fashion. Be sure you know your sign before checking out the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Perhaps most importantly, discover fun facts about some of our planet’s most unique and endangered species by using the FREE Augmented Reality (AR) App on your smart phone. 

Another amazing option for groups that wish to enhance their experience is “The LumiNight Express” – a train with four separate cabs that allows groups to become their own safari photographer while riding through the different lands of LumiNight! The train will receive a complete and thorough sanitization between each ride.

After you and your group have explored the vast array of lanterns, you can strap on your skates and hit the ice rink at our LumiNight Center.


All that traveling can work up an appetite, so be sure to visit the Cosmic Café Corner featuring foods from around the world offered by Las Vegas’ best food trucks!

Come enjoy this enchanting visual experience with the whole family. 


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