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History of Chinese Lanterns

Cultural Chinese lantern festivals began during the Han Dynasty of the Chinese Empire, when people believed that fire could ward off evil and bring blessings. The art of the lantern festival has evolved over centuries and is now a combination of traditional and modern materials with the ancient craft.

Magnificent lantern displays are built on-site by our artisans, using a variety of materials including silk and chinaware. All of our lanterns are then illuminated by environmentally-friendly and cost-effective LED lights.

More than your average Chinese Lantern festival, LumiNight ™ brings you One World. A Million Lights, a walking safari through scenes from our magical planet revealed by larger-than-life lantern sculptures created by Chinese artisans.. A unique celebration of our planet’s most treasured wonders, wildlife, and nature that includes a Forest of a Million Lights, dinosaurs, Chinese Zodiac animals, the Great Barrier Reef, the story of Noah’s Ark, and animals both extinct and endangered.

Hundreds of large- scale internally lit creatures act as guides through the immersive festival of lights that dazzle and kindle the imagination.  The awe-inspiring night out is infused with an educational message that meets you on every level–no matter your age.

The dreamy layout is accompanied by an educational, interactive APP, which is free in advance with the purchase of admission tickets online ($4 value).

This is an outdoor event, please dress accordingly including weather appropriate shoes! Parts of the show are on a field, and we want your feet to stay dry!

Worried about the weather? Check out Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on closures / cancellations and remember your ticket is good for ANY day of our run if your plans change.


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