LumiNight Covid-19 Safety Measures

We at SEE and and Fusion Promotions have taken a lot of time to consider the current safety and health concerns facing us all when considering providing entertainment for the community. We have come up with an amazing and exciting event that the whole family can safely enjoy together. We understand the severity of COVID-19 and how important it is to take every measure possible to keep the public safe and follow all guidelines.



Face masks are required for entry and throughout the event. We will have masks available for anyone who needs one. Wearing a mask will be strictly enforced. Anyone found to be non-compliant will be asked to leave.



Social Distancing will be enforced through the entire event. Social distancing markers will be in place in all areas where crowds could gather including entrance lines to the event, lines for box office, merchandise booth, food ticket booth and food vendors. Security and staff will enforce social distancing throughout event. Signage will be utilized to remind attendees to stay socially distant.



Temperature checks will be administered at the gate. Based on CDC guidelines temperatures over 100.4 will not be permitted entry.



There will be signs and markers to remind attendees to social distance and wear masks, which will also be monitored and controlled by security and staff.



Hand Sanitizer Stations will be placed throughout the event for attendee’s convenience. Stations will be positioned at entrances, restrooms and food areas.



Rest assured the sanitization will extend to the entire event. The train will be disinfected after each ride. The Cosmic Cafe Corner’s tables and chairs. Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized every ½ hour.



Attendees that are eating or drinking can only remove their masks to do so if they are seated at one of the tables inside the food area.


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